Accident Prevention

Why You Should Sign Up For A Defensive Driving Course

We often get messages on this site and via our Facebook page asking if all car accidents can be prevented, averted or avoided. The truth is that not every accident can be. There will always be some unfortunate instances where things are simply beyond our control, regardless of experience, environment or other conditions. But...

Driving While Under The Influence Of Alcohol Can Lead To Accidents

With the reach of today's media and the increase in driver education that's available now it's fairly common knowledge that driving while under the influence of alcohol and drugs can lead to serious accidents that injury yourself, your passengers or other people using public roads. Severe Disciplinary Action There are some big penalties that people face for...

How To Avoid A Car Accident Using These In 6 Simple Steps

In order to avoid accidents one should always be concentrating on what is happening all around the car. As a licensed driver you are responsible for not only yourself, but your passengers as well as other people using the road and the pedestrians who might be crossing the road or even just walking along the...
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