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We often get messages on this site and via our Facebook page asking if all car accidents can be prevented, averted or avoided. The truth is that not every accident can be. There will always be some unfortunate instances where things are simply beyond our control, regardless of experience, environment or other conditions. But that doesn’t mean we give up hope, and improving our skill set and getting more experienced ourselves. This is just one reason why you should sign up for a defensive driving course at a registered center that’s in your area.

What Causes Accidents

The most common cause of car accidents is human error or outright fault, statistics and history has proven this is true year after year. To reduce the number of crashes on our roads it is clear that the bar needs to be raised for driver skill levels and perhaps even stronger penalties for those who break the laws in place to protect everyone in this great country. I strongly recommend that everyone does at least one basic training session at their local driving school. In fact it would be great to see this become part of the process when applying for a licence as well as having some refresher sessions every few years to polish up on the skills and learn the correct information about any new road rules that have come into force recently.

But as statistics and history have shown, most accidents or collisions and car crashes happen due to human error or outright fault. To counter the possibility of such untoward incidents, everyone should endorse defensive driving. Any driver can easily sign up for defensive driving classes at a driving academy. Also, it isn’t just about drivers ed or the lessons at a driving academy, defensive driving has to be in practice to avert untoward incidents on the road.

Defensive driving isn’t just about education or lessons. Its sole purpose is to teach you how to keep yourself out of danger.

Benefits Of Training

It’s surprising how many people are not aware of there being extra training courses available and how much it can help them to be a more confident and proactive driver. Growing up around cars and motorcycles it was fairly common talking about improving our vehicles as well as our skills, but not everyone has that same interest outside of using a car to get from A to B, so the standard of training is what has been learnt during the license application process.

Here are a handful of thing you can do to improve your driving habits straight away, however this does not replace what you will learn by signing up for a defensive driver training course.

Staying Focused

If you sit in the drivers seat like a lounge chair then you’re probably not going to have full concentration on the road ahead and what’s happening around you. A driver should always keep their focus at 100% when driving. Sitting upright and keeping your hands in the 9AM to 3PM position helps to hold your shoulders square which encourages your mind to be more alert. Rotating your hands towards 10AM and 2PM ranges helps as well.

One Thing At A Time

It’s amazing the activities that people try to get done while they are behind the wheel, and I’m not talking about when they are sitting in traffic either. Between technoligy being more convienent to us and mobile phones now part of our daily lives through to trying to squeeze as much as we can into a single day by multi-tasking there’s never been a time where staying focused while driving has been harder.

Just because we have many things happening in our lives, there is still the risk of being seriously injured if we are not concentrating. There is no need to eat your breakfast or try to apply your makeup while traveling at 50 miles down the highway. You are just putting yourself and those around you in danger, all to save a couple of minutes.

Look Around You

Now that we driving with good posture and have no distractions it’s super easy to keep an eye on what is happening all around the vehicle. Keeping your rear-view and side mirrors positions correctly is the easiest way to do this, and when done right you can see things in your peripheral vision while still watching for things in front of the car.

Know When To Rest

If you are tired or just not in a good mood then it is better to stay off the road. Both of these things will affect your concentration and could lead to a serious car accident. Try to avoid drinking lots of caffeine or playing music at high volumes to maintain your foucs as these will just work for a short period of time. For those who travel long distances having a rest every 2 hours is a great way to refresh your energy levels.

Maintain Your Speed

Historically the media has always made out faster drivers to be the main cause of accidents on the road, however there is more information and studies being done on how slow drivers are equally as dangerous.

The video is funny, but there is a level of truth in a lot of the points that nice old lady makes. I am not saying the roads are a race track, however keeping to the posted speed limit helps the flow of traffic and creates a lot of frustration with other drivers, that in some cases will lead to accidents happening further down the road.

If you are nervous or on edge behind the wheel then a training course can help improve your confidence and you will be able to drive at consistent speeds just like others on the road. Those are just a handful of basic tips that can help you be more defensive when you’re in your car next. Getting proper training from a professional instructor is going to be 100 times better.

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