getting legal aid

If you do happen to be involved in a collision on the road and either yourself or your passengers are seriously hurt then you are going to need a good personal injury lawyer who will look after your best interest and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.

For any type of crash that involves major damage or serious injuries you should keep an accurate record of the events leading up to the event as well as everything afterwards so your legal defense can present the best possible case. Keeping an accurate accident report is the best way to do this, and its a great tool for your lawyer to be able to assess the amount of damages that are achievable and it can also be used as evidence if the case goes to trial.

We get a lot of questions about how to pick the best lawyer for the case and if specialized attorneys are worth the extra costs that they charge. The purpose of this article is to help fill some of the gaps and doubts that a lot of people have when it comes to selecting an attorney to represent them in their claim.

Representing Yourself

Surprisingly there are a lot of people who would much prefer to handle their own case and avoid the costs involved when it comes to hiring a top level legal team, and depending on the situation this can be a perfectly fine option. However, if the case is not clear cut in the eyes of a judge and your opponent hires a strong defense you might end up on the other side of the settlement through missing some basic legal points that a lawyer could have pointed out for you.

Generally people with limited or no legal experience will struggle to win even the most simplest of cases, which is why it’s always my recommendation to hire a professional for all legal matters.

Timing Is Everything

With serious accidents there is often a lot of information exchanging hands and you’ll be speaking to many different people from the outset which is why it’s important to seek legal council as soon as you can. Often we hear of people thinking they can handle the pressure and know enough about the law and their own rights to get through it, only to arrive on a lawyers door a fortnight after the event. Don’t wait for things to get bad before speaking to an attorney, make it your first task when you are physically capable.

The Smallest Detail Can Mean More Compensation

Once you have selected your attorney, make sure you speak truthfully and go into as much detail as you can when describing the car accident to them. Snippets of information might come to you in flashes of memory and seem insignificant to you, but write everything down and explain it all. There could be some minuscule point that makes the difference between thousands and tens of thousands or more in your settlement claim.

Covering the Costs

There are several ways you can pay your lawyer and we covered a lot of them here. We always recommend going for a No Win No Fee approach, but not all law firms will offer this model. Depending on your confidence in winning the case, you could opt for an hourly rate approach, but if things drag on you could end up paying a small fortune.┬áThe other option your lawyer might suggest is to use their standard retainer. Whichever you decide make sure you don’t end up paying 40% or more of your compensation in legal fees if there is barely any effort needed to win the claim.

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