performance driving school

Getting Started Behind The Wheel

Growing up most of us learn the most about driving and being on the road from our parents or family members. If you are lucky then you could have accessed information online or received a few lessons with a local instructor which are both beneficial, however nothing compares to the experience and confidence that you gain by visiting a performance driving school in your area.

Honestly, the experiences with cars myself and my friends had growing up was very unique and did revolve around driving may types of vehicles from an early age. Between old cars on a family farm to our parents encouraging us to drive short distances around the neighborhood was a big boost to our skills behind the wheel. Not only was this great fun for  us teenagers at the time, it was a great learning experience that taught us the basics of how to handle a car.

Expand Your Horizons

It wasn’t until years later after being licensed to drive on the road that we decided to attend a couple of classes at the local school for driving performance cars and off road vehicles at high speeds around closed tracks that we discovered there were several habits which we picked up during our early years had actually been completely incorrect. We never had any serious accidents, but the information would have been great earlier to teach us how to avoid dangerous drivers and situations a lot sooner.

Now, being home schooled or taught to drive with the local instructor is important and gives you a really solid base to work on, but the number of benefits that you receive from even 1 day on a closed track is incredible. Where a local company will instill the road rules and give you the information you need to pass the tests to receive your license, a professional driving school will teach you how to handle vehicles at high speeds as well as how to avoid and escape from dangerous conditions.

The Main Benefits

Most schools in the USA have at least 1 purpose built track that might include a few different types of corners, obstacles and even terrain where you will be able to experience every type of driving condition. You don’t need to be a race car driver to attend these schools. In reality they controlled environments where anyone can build their skills behind the wheel, and it’s definitely something all drivers should consider doing at least once.

Here are the 2 most common reasons we use when talking with people about improving their abilities in all areas of driving.

  1. More Confidence Through Experience

    Like any activity, the more you do something the more confident you get through that experience. There will always be those who are naturally good at things, including driving but the same information and skills can bring others to the same level over time. No 2 roads are the same, and out in the public there is more than just cars to be aware of which can leave the natural abilities behind somewhat.

    Whether conditions are always changing how your vehicle reacts to the road surfaces too and attending a couple of classes will give you more of an understanding on how things like the temperature of your tires will effect their grip for example.

  2. Advanced Training Techniques

    Doing just one full day at the track will cover a huge range of information that you won’t get from a local driving instructor. For instance, you might know about some basic ways to improve your posture and looking around to avoid accidents, however a professional driving school will go into everything like how to do correct straight line braking in emergencies with little distance as well as how to get out of trouble if your car starts to under or over-steer while travelling around a bend.

There is a huge amount of knowledge available to you by attending one of these courses and reading out them is not the same as experiencing them in person. The team at strongly recommend looking in your area for a school and getting at least one day in soon.