good questions to ask a lawyer

If you have needed help from the lawyer in the past you will know that it can feel like they live in a whole different world and speak a different language sometimes. For those who are new to dealing with law firms you need to be prepared for how some attorneys might might prey on their clients, but don’t worry as there are some out there who are genuine and want to help you. This article will teach you some good questions to ask a lawyer before hiring them to represent you.

You Get What You Pay For

Sometimes this isn’t always the case. Just like shopping for a new car if you do some hunting around you will probably be able to find the same model but with different prices and features. The same is true with hiring a lawyer.

The questions below will help you not only save money but make sure you have the best representation and get the compensation you deserve. Just because a lawyer has a big price tag, don’t always assume they will be the best one to represent you. Interviewing multiple attorneys and comparing their proposals and firm history is the only way to make sure you get the best one for your case.

Here are the 4 most important questions to ask your lawyer to get a feel on how they operate

How To Submit Your Accident Report Correctly

Chances are you would have filed an accident report prior to visiting the lawyer, however if that is not the case you should ask them for some advice on what steps should be taken when filling in the forms. A good lawyer will always take the time to explain each step to you in as much detail as needed. If they indicate that you don’t really need to go into intricate details or that they can handle things without so much information that would be considered a big red flag. Any good attorney will always be hungry for as much information as they can get their hands on and won’t be casual in their approach to your claim.

Ask If Your Case Is Winnable

Obviously you want to get the most compensation you can, but when we are inside the situation it’s easy to think we deserve everything. Try your best to do do an unbiased self assessment and then ask your lawyer if they think all of the factors are in your favor of if it might be a difficult case to win.

If your looking at a straight forward claim then a good attorney would tell you this openly, however should they start painting a complicated picture of everything involved the chances are you will be looking at higher legal fees for the case. Now, the more expensive amounts could be justifiable, it really depends on your case however reading body language and openness of their answers will give you great insight into how transparent they are being with you.

Talk About Strengths & Weaknesses

No matter the topic of conversations it is always easy to cover the stronger, happier and uplifting points. Asking your lawyer to talk about possible weak areas in your case is perfect for getting to know more about how they work and determine if they are being authentic in caring about your claim and will do their best to get the most compensation for you. If you feel as if you’re being misled at all then it’s time to consult with another local law firm.

What Will They Charge

This isn’t an job interview where you need to be worried about bringing up costs of their services. You should be open and talk about the money the law firm is expecting and how that will be paid. We spoke about different payment model here previously. Be straight with your questions and responses. If you think the quote is too high, talk with them about what’s involved and how it could be lower.

You should also check that the lawyer will be working on the case personally or if it will be one of their associates. This shouldn’t effect the cost, however it’s a good question to determine how the firm works and you want to feel comfortable with whoever is representing you.

The bottom lines it to clarify everything you are unsure of. Even if the lawyer is in a rush or wants to talk to you later, do not leave the room until you are satisfied that they are either the lawyer you will choose, or the one that you won’t. There’s a tonne more details on choosing the right lawyer and other information for personal injury claims on and we are always adding more and looking for new ways to help you guys when you need it most.

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