tips for how to avoid a car accident

In order to avoid accidents one should always be concentrating on what is happening all around the car. As a licensed driver you are responsible for not only yourself, but your passengers as well as other people using the road and the pedestrians who might be crossing the road or even just walking along the sidewalk.

If everyone behind the wheel gives 100% focus to their surroundings there would be much fewer accidents on our roads and far less people injured each year because of small mistakes in drivers habits. In this article we are going to cover 6 super easy things explaining what should you avoid while driving. Building each of these into your habits behind the wheel will make you a better driver and make the road a safer place for everyone.

Here are 6 super easy thing that will teach you how to avoid accidents on road.

Keep Right

With more vehicles on the road than ever before the infrastructure for our local streets and highways have been upgraded to have multiple lanes to create a better flow of traffic. When driving on multi-lane roads it’s important to always stay in the right or middle lanes so you have room to move from danger quickly and also let other drivers pass you easily if they are moving somewhat faster.

Being in the slower lanes allows you to have more room and time to maneuver if you need to change lanes quickly or pull over should there be any mechanical problems with your car. It’s not always human error that’s to blame for accidents. Crashes can be caused by multiple issues within the car itself and statistically there are a higher number of accidents in the faster lanes than others.

Look Around Every Few Seconds

While it is most important to watch where you are going, using your peripheral vision to check your surroundings using the vehicle mirrors is also a critical step to being able to avoid being in a car accident. Staying aware of what’s happening behind and next to your car is one of the best habits you can adopt to keep safe on the road.

Each time you are about to start driving, take a second and check that your mirrors are correctly positioned so you can see all around the car. Ideally when you are on the road you should be able to see 30-50 meters in both directions, without needing to turn your head. The side mirrors should be facing outwards from the vehicle and allow you to see 4-5 meters to the left and right of your car.

Using your mirrors helps reduce the number of blind spots that make things like motorcycles difficult to see. Each car will have these in different area so if you are behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle, take extra care when you are overtaking or simply making a turn at an intersection.

Posture and Hand Positions

One good technique that also helps you keep focused on the road ahead is how you sit in the seat and hold on to the steering wheel which driving. By keeping your hands at the 9AM and 3PM positions your neck and shoulders are automatically kept more upright which improves your mood and concentration compared to being slightly slumped over holding the wheel by the bottom area.

It’s no coincidence that the top level race car drivers who practice driving at high speeds each day use this same position as well. Not only does it keep you more alert but it gives you a lot more control over the car when it comes to turning or reacting to something around you. Try it yourself when driving next and you’ll see how much easier you can move the car when holding the wheel in the right way.

Keep An Eye On Other Drivers

Being able to identify signs of a car that is in poor condition as well as drivers which may not be focusing on the road is a great way to keep safe while driving and avoiding being in a collision. Some examples of drivers behaving in a manner that could be dangerous for you and your passengers are drifting across multiple lanes, aggressive maneuvers against others or just not travelling along smoothly.

If you feel unsafe and are not to get away from these types of drivers, just pull over or slow down for a few minutes and let them create the distance themselves. You don’t need to race away and put yourself in danger at the same time.

Cars that are not in good condition are usually easy to spot. I love driving all types of cars, especially the old classic hot rods that my father had, but it’s important to be able to identify things that make a vehicle unsafe regardless of age.

Increase Your Driving Skills

Whenever you as someone if they are a good driver the answer is always yes. This is strange because if there are so many good drivers why are there so many accidents all over the world every single day? Whether its because they have never caused an accident or they have been driving for years and feel they have huge amounts of experience.

Things happen very fast on the road and everyone has different levels of experience, so it doesn’t always matter how good you might be. You always need to be cautious and aware of signs that can cause an accident, as well as have the skills to get yourself out of danger fast. The best way to do this is through improving your own abilities by attending a driver training course. There are a number of facilities in each state that can run you through everything from basic skills to advanced techniques all of which are great lowering your insurance premiums.

Don’t Rely On Safety Features

Regardless of how many safety features your car has built in, it’s not always enough to prevent having an accident. Driver awareness and concentration are the only things that will do this. Safety features are there to protect you should something go wrong, but avoiding those situations all together is a much better goal to have.

We have added a lot more detail to about driver safety and techniques you can use while on the road to make it a safer place for everyone. If you found this article helpful be sure to drop a comment below and even share it with your family to keep them safe as well.