causes and effects of texting and driving

Next to getting behind the wheel after a few drinks, using your phone to text, send a tweet or just check your messages is a growing problem across the United States. It really is shocking how many people die a year from texting and driving. With technology like Bluetooth headsets being available for hands free communication and the huge list of in-car connectivity options that are available today, there’s really no excuse for using your mobile while travelling in your car.

In this article we are going to cover the causes and effects of texting and driving in the hope it will lead to being able to change the habit of drivers. Now it’s not all boring information about rules and talking about things you have probably heard and read more than once. We have a number of free resources and new techniques you can use to make yourself a more focused and more responsible driver.

Why You Should Not Text And Drive

The phrase “text and drive” has stuck around since the early 2000’s where your phone would really just be used for either making calls or sending brief text messages. Today there is a long list of applications and incoming notifications from social media networks as well as live video streaming that can cause drivers to loose focus on the road ahead.

It might feel as though your latest post that’s trending on Facebook needs your attention or that replying to a friend about their latest profile photo update is super important, but if you are driving there shouldn’t be anything that supersedes your focus on the road. At we are always looking for ways to encourage safe driving practices

Applications That Can Help

With a simple search online we found this great application that can read all incoming messages while you are driving. It also responds to people letting you know that you received it and will get back to them soon. This means you don’t even need to touch your phone. Sound good? We think so too!


Reduce The Number Of Distractions

There are hundreds of studies and reports that prove the chance of having a serious accident will increase rapidly inline with the number of distractions that are introduced inside the vehicle. One report found that drivers being overly conscious or concerned about exceeding the speed limit and getting a ticket was more distracting that using a phone and caused lack of focus on blind spots around the car and even vehicles directly in front of them changing speeds or stopping suddenly.

It Effects Everyone

We came across the below video on Facebook this week that shows drivers who admit to using their phones while behind the wheel, before being confronted with someone who was involved in a serious accident that caused them to loose several of their family members. Their reactions are quite emotional. It’s quite a touching video.

Voids Your Insurance

Aside from the most important thing of keeping everyone on the road safe, if you happen to be in an accident while using your phone in the car the chance of your insurance company honoring the policy is likely not going to be the case. In most situations it is treated exactly the same as driving under the influence and will completely void your grounds to make a claim.

This means you might not only be responsible for paying to repair any damage to all cars and property involved, but all of the medical expenses as well. This can happen even if you are not at fault for the accident. The added distraction allows your insurer to raise questions like “could you have avoided or reduced the impact if you were not using your phone” among other things, which makes it very easy for them to dismiss your claim with zero payout.

The bottom line is that texting while driving is just as bad as driving under influence, no matter where you are, what you drive and when you are driving please keep your phone out of reach while you are behind the wheel.